Jag heter Sara Östlund och är en svensk konstnär som främst arbetar med färgpennor men också PanPastel, kulspetspennor, tusch, akvarell, akvarellpennor och ibland akryl eller chromacolour. Den här hemsidan kommer att vara upplagd på engelska eftersom jag har många utländska kontakter.

My name is Sara Östlund and I’m a swedish rtist who mainly work in colored pencil but also brush pens, PanPastel, Ballpoint pens, ink, watercolor, watercolor pencils and sometimes acrylics and chromacolour. I like to do mixed media projects.

I have been painting and drawing all my life. According to my mother I was drawing long before I started to walk and with such obsession that I could sit there with my pencils and papers for several hours. As I grew up I continued to draw and paint, mainly with kids colored pencil and watercolor/gouache.

When I started highschool (or the gymnasium which is the comfusing swedish word for this school form) I chose an art program, which means that most of the courses where in art. It was challenging but I also progressed a lot and graduated with the “Best in arts” scholarship.

However, during this period of my life I didn’t draw or paint much in my spare time. There was a lot of pressure in school and although I think the education was good all in all, I often felt like a lack of opportunity to paint and draw what I wanted. I remember that we had some Koh-i-noor colored pencils at school but I barely used them back then. I discovered acrylics and that was what I used the most.

The years went by after school and I didn’t draw or paint any more. Well, I did an acrylic painting of a war sceene for my boyfriend’s 25:th birthday and a copy of Mona Lisa holding a huge pike a couple of years later but nothing else. I didn’t even use a sketchbook.

I got pregnant in 2016 and had severe complications that almost took my life (you can read about it here: How I came back to art.

That was the start of my bornagain experience in art. I have been drawing ever since and now have my own little studio in our house.

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