Van Gogh Watercolor Pencils

In my hunt for suiting pencils for my sketchbook I got back to research. And I found a handfull of brands that could offer Lightfast watersoluble pencils. At least for some of the pencils in the line. And in my research, I stumbled upon theese. According to the Judith Crown Lightfast tests theese actually performs the best with almost all of the pencils!

Problem is, that after researching a lot, I couldn’t find much information or reviews. And that is so odd, when you think about their excellent Lightfastness. I can’t find any store that sells them open stock either, although Talens offers them open stock.

I decided to buy a full set anyways from Amazon and boy, do I like them! They have quite a hard lead, actually. Some are softer and some are harder but they are quite hard and you can get a really fine point with them. The nice thing about them is that they don’t resolve and spread super much when water is added and they dry almost permanent. This is very nice for details for example. I also loooove theese on Pastelmat. They go down so fast and spread in a really interesting way. This is a little test piece that I did on the pastelmat:

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