Sonnet Watercolors Safety Data

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For more information about toxicity in watercolors, go to this post: Toxicity in watercolors

Sonnet Watercolors are a student grade brand, made by Nevskaya Palitra, who also makes the artist grade of St Petersburg White Nights Watercolors. Have a small range of colors (24) including very vivid pigments. Great dispersion but very little granulation. They list all of their colors in their SDS sheet. They use some pigments that are questionable but you can just replace them with White Nights in a fitting color. They only sell in pans, though, so you need to buy pans from White Nights if you want them to line up well in the pallet, since theese pans have a bit different measurements compared to other brands. That narrows the possibilities down of course. What I don’t like about this set is that there are some colors that are questionable, and while it’s marketed for kids and students I find that a bit worrying. It makes me wonder how well they are documented, and also if the same goes for the White Nights. One irritating thing about that, is that if you want to exclude black for example, you can’t pre mix that color from safe pigment so therefore White Nights in tubes might be a better option but they cost a bit more. I wish they sold theese pans empty. I might just ask someone with a 3D printer to make some for me… Theese colors are very cheap so it might be worth making some empty pans and buy tubes for some of the mixes. I’m gonna do some calculations and come back to you.